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Home/School Agreement





As a Parent/Guardian I will:


  • See that my child goes to school regularly, on time and is properly equipped
  • Ensure that my child adheres to the school dress code
  • I understand the school dress code is:

Black or Grey Skirt or Trousers               White Shirt                    Red Sweatshirt

Black Trainers or sensible shoes              Indoor shoes

Appropriate Hair Cut style and colour – shaved designs are not acceptable


No jewellery is permitted apart from a watch


A complete change of clothes is required for P.E.


  • Contact the school via a telephone call or written note to explain why my child is absent
  • Support the school’s policies and guidelines for behaviour


I understand that the consequences for inappropriate behaviour in school range from warnings and loss of privilege time to behaviour records and behaviour action plans, which include meetings held with parents and – in certain circumstances where no improvement is made and the behaviour is affecting the learning of my own child and others – suspension or expulsion.


  • Support my child in homework and other opportunities for home learning
  • Hear my child read at least three times a week and record this is their Personal Organiser
  • Attend Parents Evenings to discuss my child’s progress
  • Let the school know about any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour.


Signed ________________________________  Parent/Guardian


As the School we will:


  1. Encourage children to do their best at all times
  2. Encourage children to take care of their surroundings and others around them
  3. Inform parents of their child’s progress at regular meetings
  4. Contact parents if there is cause for concern relating to their child
  5. Inform parents about what the teachers aim to teach their child each term
  6. Keep parents informed about school activities through regular letters home and newsletters
  7. Encourage children to be appropriately dressed at all times.


Signed ________________________________ Class Teacher


As a pupil at Brandon Primary I will:


  • Attend school regularly and on time
  • Do all my class work and homework as well as I can
  • Bring all the equipment I need every day
  • Make sure that I have my P.E. kit at school
  • Take my Personal Organiser, reading books and any homework home at night
  • Take letters home and give them to my parents/guardian
  • Be polite and helpful to others
  • Look after my surroundings
  • Dress appropriately for school following the school dress code.


Signed ________________________________ Pupil