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At Brandon Primary School the children have 5 clear sessions of Maths each week based on the new 2014 curriculum. In addition there may be extra basic skills sessions and opportunities to apply maths skills to other areas of the curriculum. Children may also be involved in Maths intervention groups particularly in Years 2 and 6 where booster groups are established throughout the year.

The use of Maths games, investigations, problem-solving and practical activities consolidate learning. In this way your child can not only work out the correct solutions, but can develop their ability to explain their thinking, apply their understanding to new situations and work with confidence developed through sound mathematical skills.


We follow the objectives set on in the Mathematics National Curriculum 2014 and through our provision we aim that your child:


 will be able to apply their mathematical knowledge to solve problems, including those with real-life contexts, by choosing the appropriate operations

 can estimate the approximate size of the answer to check the reasonableness of their calculations

 will leave primary school with an efficient, reliable, compact written method of calculation for each operation

 develop a range of mental calculations strategies, aided by informal jottings where necessary

 know their times tables up to 12x12

 are confident in the fundamentals of maths and be able to reason mathematically

 understand the importance of mathematical skills in everyday life


Children have also had opportunities to take part in Challenge days at different schools and we recently welcomed author Kjartan Poskitt to school to talk about his Murderous Maths books and show us some magical Maths tricks.

National Curriculum for Maths


We have recently invested in Mathletics in school. This online program is suitable for all children and is particularly used during our Y5/6 Breakfast club.  Children can also access this at home and a number of children have recently earned Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates.

  • Used by 10,000 schools and over 3.5 million pupils

  • Covers all aspects of mathematics, 1000 learning activities for ages 5 to 18

  • It responds to each child’s INDIVIDUAL strengths and weaknesses

  • Pupils are immediately told if they are on track and can get animated tutorials to help.

  • Pupils can compete with pupils in their class, school and worldwide


Symphony Maths

Symphony Maths is a computer program used within classrooms for individuals to practice their Maths skills and is also used for intervention groups for some year groups. Children enjoy moving through the stages and teachers can clearly see in which areas children have achieved well and were they may need some extra input.



Children can find it confusing if they are being taught one method at home and another at school.  When helping your children at home please use the following guidance which is in our school organiser to see the methods they are currently using in school. 

Calculation Methods