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World Book Day

There was only one question being asked for World Book Day this year. Where is Wally?!?!

Well done to all the children and parents for so many costumes, we had great fun doing many different reading activities during the week concluding with our Reading Carousel with all the staff on Friday afternoon.

Unfortunately we didn't find the real Wally, maybe you can spot him on one of the photos!


We also welcomed authors 'The Two Steves' into school the following week who talked to all children about life as an author and shared some extracts from their iHero, Monsters like Us and Action Dogs series. Some of our children were lucky to be invited to have lunch with the 2 Steves. Below is Eleanor's report about this special event.


It is great that everyone in KS2 had the amazing opportunity to win lunch with two awesome authors: Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore. All the children chosen were immensely excited (and also a bit nervous) to chat to them and listen to their professional ways of thinking of their brilliant ideas, then getting their stories down on paper for the world to read.


Once everyone had their lunch sitting in front of them, Steve Skidmore began to read out sentences that had won the lunch and made everyone laugh their heads off by altering the sentences and changing the lovely things we had said about them to horrible things about them! Steve introduced everyone to this amazing app they have created together where you are a footballer playing in the premier league. You have to complete different challenges and the story goes on and on. Soon it was time for them to prepare for the game show so we all said goodbye. That lunch time was the most awesome lunchtime ever and, without a doubt, no-one there will ever forget it!