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At Brandon Primary School we recognise that for children to progress academically, they need to be emotionally and socially secure. We have various ways of ensuring that we meet the needs of children throughout the school, and for those who need some additional support we have some strategies that we can offer.


The Oasis

We have a space in school which is used to host a wide range of nurturing programmes. This area is a safe and quiet space where children know they will be listened to.  Children can use this space when they need to talk to a member of our nurture team or when they just need a bit of time to reflect.


Therapeutic Storywriting

This programme is a 10 week programme which offers children a creative way to express their feelings and struggles through the metaphor of story. Stories are written by the child and the child in a way that does not overwhelm the child. It is usually used with children that are 7-13 years old, and is carried out byMrs Zand in school. 


Story Links

Story Links is a project that brings children, staff and parents together in the co-creation of stories.  The stories aim to address behavioural, emotional and social difficulties through the story telling. It is a key feature of this particular programme that children have their parents involved so that all aspects of their difficulties can be addressed.


Relax Kids

Relax Kids is a programme which teaches children to relax through movement, games, stretching and breathing exercises, peer massage, affirmations and visualisation.

The course is designed to raise self-esteem and confidence in children and supports the development of healthy behaviour and aims to increase the level of personal achievement for children. Relaxation skills are essential at all times of life but are incredibly helpful for children who struggle with emotional difficulties.