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Our Vision and Values

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Brandon Primary School aims to provide a safe, caring environment which enables everyone in the school to fulfil their potential.



We aim:

  • To provide the highest possible standard of education through a broad and balanced curriculum appropriate to each individual.


  • To give the opportunity to develop the skills required to live and work together and to co-operate with each other.


  • To promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, enabling individuals to make informed choices.


  • To develop an empathy with people around us; with the world in which we live and an understanding and respect of individuals, groups and nations.


  • To encourage a sense of right and wrong and to be self disciplined.


  • To accept responsibility for our actions and the effect they have on others.


  • To provide a stimulating surrounding which is valued.


  • To foster a caring attitude towards others and our environment.


Through each of these we aim to be good citizens whose achievements are recognised and celebrated.


Classroom Charter


1. We will listen when others speak.


2. We will put our hand up to ask or answer questions.


3. We will treat each other with respect and kindness.


4. We will always try our best.


5. We will treat property, belongings and equipment with respect.


6. We will follow instructions.


7. We will walk in quietly and get on with our work.


8. We will keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves.