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On Patrol!!


In school we have been making sure that children are safe when they come to school and go home in the afternoon.

We have a duty rota and stand on patrol at the front of school to note down anyone who is not following our school rules. They are then reported to Miss Ruskin.


During the Autumn term we focussed on children  who were riding their bikes and scooters in the yard. We reminded them to get off their bikes and scooters at the school gate so they couldn't knock anyone over. This has really improved now. We also made sure people weren't dropping litter so our school looks tidy when people come to visit.


At the moment we are keeping children safe by reminding them not to climb the fences around school because it is dangerous. We are also making sure children do not stand on the flowers and bushes so they don't get damaged.


Community Charter


At Parents Evening the Mini Police helped to hand out copies of our new Community Charter to parents. This charter has been compiled by a group of people including parents, governors and the local PCSO to make sure our school grounds are safe, friendly places to be and any inappropriate behaviour is dealt with.

Many parents have already signed up to the charter so if you haven't done so yet please take a look at the copy below and sign our Charter Book which is kept in the school office.