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It's Christmas!

This afternoon 2 of our Mini Police Officers had the opportunity to decorate the Christmas trees at Durham Police Headquarters. They were assisted by the Lord Lieutenant Mrs Snowdon and all the trees looked great when the lights were switched on. Both girls represented the school very well and enjoyed their afternoon.

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The Duke of Kent


In October 2 Mini Police officers were selected to go to Police Headquarters to welcome the Queen's cousin, the Duke of Kent to Durham. We formed a guard of honour as he landed in his helicopter and then he spoke to us about the Mini Police as he walked to the car. The Duke was in Durham to officially open Wharton Park. Well done to Chelsea and Evie for being excellent representatives for our school.

Visit to Headquarters


In July we visited Durham Police headquarters to see how the real police operate. First we went into the control room and watched call handlers answer 999 calls and organise police across County Durham. Did you know they take up to 900 calls a day?! It's very difficult to try and make sure everyone is in the right place and police can get to where they need to be quickly.

We also saw the Command Room where police deal with bigger incidents or special events for example Durham Miners Gala or a royal visit.

Then we went into the armoury section to see the different kinds of weapons police sometimes have to use. We had to be very careful and only touch the things we were allowed to, but the police officer made sure we were safe all the time.

It was a really interesting visit and made us very excited to begin our role as Mini Police Officers!