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In Year 1, we follow the Letters and Sounds scheme in phonics. We teach phonics in streamed groups where children access the Phase of the scheme that suits their ability. We also provide children with phonics intervention, if they require further support, in preparation for the National Phonics Screening in June.


We read from various book schemes including Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Star and Collins. The children then move on to read chapter books once they have passed the top book band. Children have book bags which they return each day. If children need their book changing, they place them in the trays at the front.  We expect that all children read their reading books at home at least 3 times per week, and that an adult records this in their planner.


Every morning children are challenged to complete literacy activities. This is to develop their Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG). Additionally, children start their day with a child friendly yoga session, which promotes strong bodies and minds.


In school we promote Growth Mindset, encouraging children to take on challenges and take risks with their learning. Below is a link to find out more information about Growth Mindset.


Growth Mindset

Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Autumn and Spring Plan 2015/16